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I am interested in helping people through my writing. I am self taught listening to the best guidance counselor that everybody has heard of, many of which try to know Him better by listening, yet fewer follow and sometimes listen and then sometimes not and the last and most important are the ones who deny, refuse to listen and certainly don't want to follow but yet they pray, though I don't know to whom they pray because whoever they are praying to doesn't listen like them. I believe in God as my advocate and partner, friend, teacher, and therefor He is my counselee counselor.

Paper Machee Idol




To find, to see someone start over,


Is like trying to find a “Fourleaf Clover.”


Mid earths green carpet they do so play,


Sleep walking in “Green Monster” parlay.




This paper machete idol they think much of,


They forget that their heaven is but gilded love.


What taxes, only incomes on the broken stride,


Hollering loud per dollar they struggle with pride.




Curtailed deceiver sighted only dollar supply,


The hungry, the poor, the bedraggled they deny.


Woe becomes where the trade winds don’t blow,


On mirror glass sea in such shine they will know.




God stopped them in whatever current they see,


Graced low tide, some remove barnacles that be.


Others try to paddle yon distance unto desert isle.


stroking bills of laden floating payment given trial.




Caught such doldrums the winds will pick up again,


Billowed sail brings the clean hull to sail fast within.


Triadic winds carried the sonic siren is bedeviled of,


Gods tears that flow creating hurricane eye lost love.


By: Harold (Bo) Clapsaddle, 2/2/2014




Dignity Foretells

The dignity speaks softly within,

Let not heart be burdened by sin.


Still I listen wanting more to understand.


The dignity simplifies steps so softly within,

Yet heart sees not tread on steppes of sin.


Still I walk as reasons mine to understand,


The dignity hears all ignominy gathered within,

Still deaf aims be it caught the crest of sin,


Still I arrest what is held inside; I understand!


I rest to understand.

By: Harold (Bo) Clapsaddle, 1/27/2014 @ 11.08 AM